Latest Charge Hurts Case

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: TIME's Mark Thompson reports that while Army Sergeant Major Gene McKinney has been on the ropes since being charged with sexual misconduct by four lower-ranking female soldiers, today's allegation of sexual misconduct against a female officer completely seals his fate. "He was toast before today's charge, and he's really toast now. Originally, when (Retired Sergeant Major) Brenda Hoster was out there solo, it was at least possible McKinney was innocent. But when charges were finally brought and there were four women, questions (of innocence) were resolved for most people. The fact that we have a fifth woman who's an officer means that the chances of there being a collusion or a plot afoot is even more remote, because every time you get a new accuser, the chances of innocence go down mathematically. So while the military is being very cautious and saying innocent until proven guilty, the lid was clearly on his coffin with several nails in it already. This latest charge is just the super glue." Look for the sparks to fly next Thursday when testimony resumes.