Cunanan No Longer Suspected in Doctor's Murder

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MIAMI BEACH: The murder of a gay doctor about 15 miles away from the site where Gianni Versace was gunned down is not the work of Andrew Cunanan, authorities said late Thursday. Police now say the doctor, who died from "trauma" to the upper part of his body, not a gunshot wound, may have been killed in a domestic dispute with his brother. Although eyewitnesses reported seeing a man who looked like Cunanan flee the scene, police downplayed the sighting, saying many men in Miami fit his description. Meanwhile, police hotlines continued to be inundated with alleged sightings of the suspected serial killer, linked to four killings including the murder of Versace on Wednesday. Reports had him driving in Key Largo, at a Key West dance club and drinking at a bar in Lake Worth. "We have been receiving tips he is in south Florida. All are being investigated," Paige Patterson of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement told reporters. "There have been some real positive tips, but obviously he has not been arrested yet." Authorities, who believe Cunanan may be lashing out at the gay community because he may have the AIDS virus, warn he is still armed and dangerous and will kill again if not caught. To prevent more bloodshed, The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce upped the ante on Cunanan's head by offering a $45,000 reward in addition to the $20,000 reward already on the table. A memorial service will be held today for Versace at St. Patrick's Church in Miami Beach.

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