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NEW YORK: If you are reading this on a Macintosh, maybe it's time you looked at the alternatives. Just a week before Apple is due to announce third quarter financial results, the company announced the resignations of both CEO Gil Amelio and Ellen Hancock, Apple's chief of technology. The moves may indicate a return to power by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The company said Jobs "will assume an expanded role as a key advisor to Apple's board and executive management team" while Apple searches for a new leader. Brought on in February 1996 with a reputation as a turnaround artist for his success at National Semiconductor, Amelio has not spared the rod: just this year he slashed the company's workforce by 30 percent and cut back its computer line. But his strategy hasn't worked. Even as Apple's reputation for elegant and intuitive design has dimmed, its slice of the overall PC market has fallen from 7.9 percent to 5.2 percent this past year, and its stock has dropped below $14 a share this week, a record low.