Tyson's Count Begins

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LAS VEGAS: The Nevada State Athletic Commission has done its best. After calling this the "most trying time in Nevada boxing history," chairman Elias Ghanem and the rest of the commission hit Mike Tyson as hard as it could, revoking his license and assessing a $3 million fine plus the legal costs of the commission. "Unless the commission changes its mind, this would be a permanent revocation," the commission's legal adviser Donald Haight insisted. "Without further action, the license would not be restored." But in boxing, nothing is forever except Don King. Tyson can reapply annually to reenter the ring. The house of 'unarmed combat' is hardly built on principles: the sport was waiting eagerly when Iron Mike, rapist, got out of jail, and it may not take long for boxing's rapacious governors to grow ravenous for the biggest draw of the decade.