The Ears Have It

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LAS VEGAS: The Nevada Athletic Commission took away Mike Tyson's gloves today, temporarily suspending the fighter and freezing his $30 million purse until a second hearing is held next week. Under existing Nevada law, Tyson can only be fined 10 percent of his purse, or $3 million. But the commission can suspend him for life if it chooses, though a year is more likely. A new federal law took effect today that forces other states to honor any suspension that Nevada imposes. "Whatever punishment they give him will show what kind of commission we have," wounded champ Evander Holyfield told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "It has to be something to make a statement." Holyfield also said he would be willing to listen to a personal Tyson mea culpa, from a distance. "I'll let him know that his apology is accepted and I'll probably ask him a few questions," Holyfield said, "but they'd be personal."