Meet George Jetson's ATM

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DAYTON, Ohio: Forgot your PIN? Don't worry, you've still got your eyes. In a deal which promises to revolutionize the banking industry with a hefty injection of Star Trek gadgetry, NCR Corp. and biometric technology firm Sensar, Inc. have teamed up to produce an Automatic Teller Machine which identifies cardholders by the iris of their eyes. Using standard video cameras with specialized real-time image processing, ATMs will snap a shot of a customer's irises, then compare it with a pre-recorded digital file before releasing any cash. Thanks to the iris's "fraud-proof" reliability, NCR and Sensar predict that banks will soon be selling everything from airline tickets to insurance policies through the local ATM. Sadly the innovation comes too late to save the life of Jonathan Levin, son of Time Warner chairman Gerald Levin, who was murdered several weeks ago by thieves who wanted his PIN number so that they could hit his bank account.