Vince Foster in First Lady's Future

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: With notes on Hillary Clinton's Whitewater-related conversations now in hand, Kenneth Starr will look for clues to whether the First Lady made moves to obstruct his investigation. In her initial January 1996 grand jury testimony, Mrs. Clinton was questioned only about telephone conversations she had in the days following the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster, the disappearance of Whitewater-related documents from his office, and reasons for her two-year delay in handing over Rose Law Firm billing records, sources told the Associated Press. "There was a great deal of questioning on Foster documents, more than anyone thought there would be," one said. Given that one set of notes surrendered by the White House late Monday allegedly touches on the Vince Foster death, prosecutors can now potentially follow that line of questioning more aggressively. And, thanks to the second set of notes detailing Mrs. Clinton's debriefing following her grand jury testimony, get the inside scoop on the White House's damage control strategy.