Court Rules That The Clintons Must Give Up The Notes

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: Well, now we'll find out how good the notes were. The Supreme Court today let stand a ruling ordering White House lawyers to surrender notes of Whitewater-related conversations with Hillary Clinton. Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr hopes the records of two meetings Mrs. Clinton had with government lawyers over her testimony regarding files from the Rose Law firm will yield important new clues in the near-stalled Whitewater investigation. If Starr's right, Mrs. Clinton could face a second round of questioning by a Whitewater grand jury in Little Rock. If he's wrong, it gives even more ammunition to critics charging that his investigation has turned up nothing and should be brought to a close. "Hillary's people were still telling me as late as a week ago that there was nothing in the notes," reports TIME's Karen Tumulty. "The official line is that they had to take this stand because the White House didn't want to set the precedent that any government employee's conversation's with government lawyers would not be covered under attorney-client privilege."