Mouse, Get Thee Behind Me!

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DALLAS: Americaís family entertainer defines family a tad too broadly, according to the 15-million member Southern Baptist Convention, which has decided to boycott Disney for its "gay friendly policies." Disney's worst offense? The decision to bring Ellen Degeneres' character out of the closet on the sitcom "Ellen," produced by Walt Disney Television and shown on Disney subsidiary ABC. Mouse Central is keeping mum. Last year, the Convention issued a warning to Disney about the evils of "Gay Days" at company theme parks and same-sex partner health benefits. Disney survived. Richard Land, executive director of the Southern Baptist Christian Life Commission, maintains that whether or not Disney pays heed, heís doing Godís work. He may be having an impact: while Disney management pretended not to notice, the company's stock slid $1.50 Wednesday afternoon on the New York Stock Exchange to $82.50 a share.