McVeigh Weighs his Appeals

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DENVER: Legal analysts and other court watchers following the Oklahoma City bombing trial often criticized Timothy McVeigh's lead attorney, Stephen Jones, for his staged media leaks and risky arguments. Now, it seems even McVeigh has turned on his lawyer: Legal sources tell CNN that McVeigh is considering using "quality of attorneys" as one avenue for his appeal, despite the fact that his defense cost taxpayers $10 million. If that doesn’t float, other issues under consideration as grounds for appeal include Judge Richard Matsch's ban on the defense theory that foreign terrorists were at the heart of the bombing in which McVeigh was a mere pawn and the restriction on using the FBI Inspector General's scathing report on the FBI crime lab. McVeigh's lawyers have until July 7 to file motions asking for a new trial, but that is merely the beginning of a long appeals process that likely will take this case all the way to the Supreme Court.