Shutting Pandora’s Box

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: TIME's Mark Thompson reports that the Army is shutting down the sex-abuse hotline it set up in November, which has outlived its usefulness: "The number of calls have dropped off dramatically, something like 90 percent of the calls came in during the first month. And don't forget: out of the 8,305 calls, only some 1,300 or so were ever referred to investigators, and of those, only 342 led to actual investigations," he said. "That's seven thousand calls that were from media, from the public, or things like someone asking for the number for the front gate at Fort Meade." In the hotline's place, the Army will set up an "assistance line." The line will not take anonymous complaints, but will give those reluctant to identify themselves information about how to proceed if they have a complaint to lodge. "In the wake of Aberdeen, the line was a pretty good idea," said Thompson. “But in the Army’s view, it’s not needed anymore.”