Hacking The JonBenet Investigation

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BOULDER, Colo: The investigation into the death of JonBenet Ramsey suffered another setback Saturday after Boulder police discovered that a hacker infiltrated the computer system set aside for authorities investigating the slaying. Police said the break-in occurred sometime last Saturday. Although all the computer's files appeared to be intact, they said they could not determine if any had been copied. The computer is situated in the district attorney's office, but according to authorities, the room was not broken into. Officials said security measures have been tightened as computer experts and police comb the system for signs of tampering. But TIME's Denver bureau chief Richard Woodbury says the damage is already done: "It's just one more chapter in this comedy of errors. Nearly all the evidence has already been compromised. It's really looking doubtful whether this thing is ever going to end in an arrest. The only way seems to be with a confession or someone pointing fingers."