In the Cross Hairs

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CLARKSBURG, West Virginia: FBI affidavits show the Mountaineer Militia planned to assassinate Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller. The militia, charged last October with conspiring to bomb the FBI's national fingerprint headquarters in West Virginia, said the hits would be carried out as part of a "holy war" against the federal government and therefore could not be considered as murder. The FBI documents also state that a militiaman associated with the West Virginia group suggested that members target the Rockefeller and Greenspan families as well. "You must chop off their heads," Larry Matz, an Ohio resident not charged in the bombing plot, allegedly said. Throughout his 31-year political career in West Virginia, Rockefeller, a descendant of Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller, has labored against an image as an Eastern establishment, big-money insider a perception that persists among many in his state and may, in the end, have put him in the Mountaineer Militia's cross hairs. Greenspan and Rockefeller have yet to comment on the revelations.