Strom Warnings

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: Strom Thurmond's staff shifted into high spin cycle after it was learned that the nonagenarian senator wrote a glowing introduction to a new book contending that the U.S. won the Cold War with alien technology recovered at the Roswell, New Mexico site that conspiracy buffs believe was the scene of an extraterrestrial crash landing in July 1947. Thurmond aides insist that "The Day After Roswell," by former Thurmond aide and retired Army intelligence officer Philip J. Corso, was not the book he thought it was. In his foreword, Thurmond praised Corso as a man "with many interesting stories to share with individuals interested in military history, espionage and the workings of our government." Thurmond's staff insists that the foreword was meant for a Corso memoir called "I Walked with Giants: My Career in Military Intelligence." The book's 21-page outline, aides say, made no mention of aliens. "We've been totally blindsided by this man and his publisher," Chris Cimko, Thurmond's press secretary, said. The book, published by Pocket Books, goes on sale next week. "I know of no such "cover-up' and do not believe one existed," the senator said in a statement. Whether Thurmond's denials are sincere or just more government lies is grist for another book. The truth, as always, remains out there.