Police Close to Arrest in Levin Killing

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NEW YORK CITY: Police believe that Jonathan Levin was tortured with a steak knife until he revealed his ATM code to the intruder who killed him with a shot to the head sometime this weekend. TIME's Edward Barnes reports that officials hope to make an arrest within hours. "At this point the case is largely circumstantial," Barnes notes, "but police hope to gather more evidence once the arrest is made and search warrants are issued." Because there was no sign of forced entry, police are focusing the investigation on the teacher's students or others he knew. Police say they have identified one of Levin's former students on a video captured by an ATM security camera at an Upper West Side Chase Manhattan Bank. One of Levin's bank cards was missing from his wallet, and $800 dollars had been withdrawn from his account Friday. A former student who left a message on Levin's answering machine shortly before the time of death was later questioned by police. It is not clear, however, if the student who was questioned is the same one police have identified in the security video.