Score One For Home Schooling

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: What's in a nym? Plenty. Rebecca Sealfon, 13, correctly spelled "euonym" and claimed the trophy at the 70th National Spelling Bee in the nation's capital. The home-schooled Brooklynite takes home $5,000 in cash, a laptop computer, an encyclopedia and other gifts, plus a huge trophy and her requisite 15 minutes, which include a CNN interview Friday morning. Immediately upon hearing the word, which means a good name or appropriate name for a person, place, or thing, Rebecca knew she had it. Arms raised, she shrieked out each letter with arms raised, finally blurting out the obligatory re-spell -- "Euonym!" -- and bouncing around the stage in sheer joy. Runner-up Prem Murthy Trivedi of Howell, N.J. went dictionary-to-dictionary alone with Rebecca for nine rounds before bowing out on "cortile," a word meaning courtyard. The two were the final survivors of the original field of 245. And then there was O-N-E.