King Kabila

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KINSHASA: Moving quickly to consolidate power, self- proclaimed President Laurent Kabila eliminated the post of prime minister and sparked a vociferous demonstration by oppostion protestors who denouced the rebel leader as a dictator in the making. "Etienne, Etienne, it's your name that chased out Mobutu, it also will chase out Kabila," chanted supporters of longtime democratic opposition leader Etienne Tsisekedi, who, twice ousted as prime minister under Mobutu, had hoped to be named to the post again under Kabila. Fat chance. A partial list of 13 Cabinet appointments unveiled Friday reads like a Who's Who of Kabila's Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo. Although two posts were granted to Tsisekedi's party, the outspoken Mobutu critic was left out. Huffed a humiliated Tsisekedi: "For me, he is not the president." Meanwhile, the "candidate for president" moved swiftly to place the country's military under his direct control. For a "presidential system," noted one Kabila ally, it was nothing more than business as usual.