Mother Teresa Gets Tough

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.: The Lord may work in mysterious ways, but Mother Teresa hires muscle. Questions of "immaculate confection" aside, the Holy Mother of Calcutta has asked Nashville coffeehouse owner Bob Bernstein to quit baking his famed buns, shaped in her image, for his Bongo Java coffeehouse. She’s thinking lawsuit. Bernstein, whose $1.89 pastry has attracted a barrage of international publicity, from the BBC to Letterman, has no intention of shutting down his ovens, arguing: "If it were sacrilege, we'd stop. But it's not." While the coffeehouse's Nun Bun web site ( portrays the original pastry as a "religious piece of dough" inadvertently discovered by a store employee, the selection of Nun Bun T-shirts, coffee mugs, bookmarks and video tapes for sale suggests that a more worldly process is at work. Mother Teresa's attorney Jim Towey intends to do something about it.