Huff at Harrods

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LONDON: Flush from a $2,000 shopping spree, Los Angeles clothes designer Eileen Kadden says she was looking "classy and funky" when a Harrods security guard took offense at her 5'9", 196-pound figure and showed her the door. "It was complete discrimination against larger women," an indignant Kadden told The Times. "I was shocked and mortified." The 48-year-old Kadden, who at the time was sporting brown Lycra leggings and a loose, cactus-embroidered white shirt, dismisses as "fattism" the chic department store's response that her attire violated its strict code against extreme forms of dress. The security guard who first spotted Kadden's garb thought that her stretched-to-the-breaking-point leggings were actually panty hose, a Harrods spokesman said. Nor does the Knightsbridge store see the point in Kadden's claim that, as a Harrods purchase, the $100 offending leggings should have rendered her immune from getting the toss. Sniffed the Harrods spokesman: "We sell beds, but we don't let people use them (in the store)."