Flinn will Face Court Martial

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MINOT, North Dakota: The Air Force will not grant Lieutenant Kelly Flinn's request for an honorable discharge, which would have enabled her to avoid a court martial on adultery and disobedience charges. The decision means that a court martial is likely to begin on Tuesday. The embattled B-52 pilot had made her demand during a brief interview on "60 Minutes" in which she said her decision to resign stemmed from her belief that was the best way to resolve the situation. She said that hints from the Air Force that an honorable discharge might be granted was another factor. But the Air Force, which has said that Flinn's flouting of service rules and lying to investigators -- rather than committing adultery -- are the heart of the charges, will proceed with prosecution. Flinn's civilian attorney, Frank Spinner, will ask for a delay while he appeals her case.