A High Stakes Spring Cleaning

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SANTA MONICA, California: O.J. Simpson was a bit more forthcoming about his income and how much he spends on household items in a Friday hearing as lawyers trying to collect a $33.5 million judgment against him investigated his finances. But Simpson still frustrated lawyers by continuing to insist that, try as he might, he just can't seem to find his Heisman Trophy. Or, for that matter, an Andy Warhol painting, not to mention $100,000 in personal loans and $72,000 from the sale of his two cars. Every time over the past year and a half that he has left his Brentwood mansion, Simpson claims, he has come home to find it mysteriously "less congested." A frustrated Daniel Petrocelli fumed that O.J. displayed "a complete lack of candor" during the hearing. But Simpson says he simply can't find the stuff: "I wasn't around when they took those things. I don't know what's been taken for my kids' trust," Simpson said. "Some of this stuff I haven't seen for years. I think my first wife has some of this stuff."