Bibi Reviewed by Court

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JERUSALEM: TIME's Scot MacLeod reports that a reversal is unlikely as members of the opposition press the Israeli Supreme Court to overrule prosecutors and charge Benjamin Netanyahu with fraud in an influence peddling scandal. "A reversal has been considered highly improbable primarily because Elyakim Rubinstein, the attorney general who made the decision, is a respected legal figure that's popularly regarded as not partisan," notes MacLeod. "His argument for not seeking an indictment was fairly well-reasoned. Most observers feel that if had there been sufficient evidence to indict, he would not have hesitated to do so. So it seems remote that the Supreme Court could look at the same evidence and make another decision." The court Wednesday rejected petitions asking for an official commission of inquiry into the scandal and requesting the publication of the police report recommending Netanyahu's indictment. A final ruling on the matter is expected in a few days.