A New Chance for Peace?

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LONDON: Labour's landslide election win has Irish Prime Minister John Bruton talking up peace prospects in Northern Ireland. Bruton called for an IRA cease-fire and urged the organization to take advantage of Labour's control of parliament to jump-start talks. "Here, the basic feeling is that there is a new sort of urgency and enthusiasm for trying to restart the peace process," reports TIME's London bureau chief Barry Hillenbrand. "After being elected last week, Blair seems willing to try new initiatives and arrangements which may bridge the impasse and get the parties talking. The huge majority Labour has will also help him because he does not have to worry completely about what the Unionists say. The trick is Blair still has to get the Unionists and everyone else to the table. A key issue to this is to arrange an IRA cease fire, but to some extent, that's out of his control."