Simpson gets 25 Years

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ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Maryland: Ignoring the prosecution's request to give Army Staff Sergeant Delmar Simpson life behind bars, a court-martial jury sentenced the former drill sergeant to 25 years in prison. Jurors also ordered that Simpson be dishonorably discharged and reduced to the rank of private E-1. The prosecution made an impassioned plea for jurors to deliver the maximum penalty of life in prison, arguing that it would "send a message" to other military personnel. Incredibly, Simpson's defense attorney, Frank Spinner, countered that Simpson's exposure had taught him a lesson and that the jury should therefore show compassion by ordering no jail time. "The first step toward rehabilitating a broken, humbled, defeated man is compassion," he said. "There isn't anybody left who doesn't know that Delmar Simpson is convicted of raping six women 18 times." The sentence must now be approved by Major General John Longhouser, commander of the Aberdeen Proving Ground. It must also be reviewed by the U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals and undergo challenges from the defense.