Shootout in Texas

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FORT DAVIS, Texas: Police shot and killed one of two heavily armed Republic of Texas fugitives after the man fired on police dogs and a helicopter tracking him. Authorities have not yet said whether the man was Richard Keyes or Mike Matson, who both fled the Republic of Texas embassy trailer Saturday rather than surrender to Texas Rangers. The other man apparently remains at large. Earlier in the day, the pair wounded two dogs in a brief salvo of close-range gunfire after police unleashed a pack of tracking hounds near a campsite less than a mile from the Republic of Texas trailer. Fearing possible booby traps after police discovered more than 60 pipe bombs and 12 gasoline cans in the area, authorities until Monday had conducted their search for the two men primarily by helicopter. Meanwhile, Richard McLaren was formally charged with conspiracy, mail fraud and bank fraud. He faces a maximum of 725 years in prison and $24.25 million in fines for paying bills with over $1.8 billion in bogus Republic of Texas financial documents. McLaren's wife, Evelyn, faces up to 155 years in jail and $5.2 million in fines for her role in the scam. The couple is currently sharing a jail cell in Marfa, about 30 miles from the site of the standoff.