Hillary Clinton Ordered to Turn Over Documents

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: Score one for Whitewater prosecutors: An appeals court has ordered the Administration to turn over notes from conversations between White House lawyers and Hillary Clinton. When Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr requested the notes, taken amidst preparations for the First Lady's grand jury appearance in January 1996, Mrs. Clinton argued that the notes were protected by attorney-client privilege because her personal lawyer was present at the time. But according to the three-judge panel, the White House lawyers are government employees who are not covered under the privilege. Disappointed Administration officials said they plan to take the issue to the U.S. Supreme Court. Starr applauded the ruling and said the White House had made "unprecedented" arguments in an effort to "withhold relevant information from the federal grand jury." Even if the high court ultimately orders the notes turned over, there may be no smoking gun, notes TIME's Viveca Novak: "It would be very surprising if Hillary Clinton told the White House lawyers anything that would have been incriminating to her, so it's unlikely those notes contain anything that Starr could use to further his case." Still, for an investigation that has so far produced considerably more smoke than fire, every spark is memorable.