Fast . . . A Litte Too Fast

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BOSTON: Move over, Rosie Ruiz. A married couple who finished in near-record time in the senior category of this year's Boston Marathon had their titles yanked when The Boston Athletic Association could not find a trace of them on key videotapes of the race. Race officials grew suspicious when John Murphy, 61, and Suzanne Murphy, 59, ran much faster than they had in the past. Studying the tapes, race officials found that while the couple did register at three computer checkpoints along the course, they did not show on videos shot at secret locations. "Following an intensive review of our surveillance videotapes, the two individuals have been disqualified from the race and their names will be removed from the results," said Guy Morse, the race director. The new winners? Anthony Cerminaro, 60, of Jermyn, Pa., and Susan Gustafson, 50, of Norwell, Ma. And they’ve got the blisters to prove it.