Ramseys: We Didnít Do It

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DENVER: The parents of JonBenet Ramsey spoke to reporters for the first time in four months to address growing suspicions that they might be connected to her death. "I did not kill my daughter," John Ramsey told six members of the local media. Reporters were not allowed to ask about the police interrogation of the parents, nor about the night their daughter died. The conference came one day after the couple finally submitted to separate police interrogations. The Ramseys had heaped suspicion upon themselves by refusing to agree to formal interviews with police and by their seeming refusal to offer much help in the search for the killer. After police turned up the heat in April by telling reporters that the murder probe was now focusing on the parents, John and Patsy Ramsey finally agreed to be questioned. Mrs. Ramsey was interrogated for six hours and Mr. Ramsey for two hours Wednesday. Incredibly, the parents said they initially refused to grant formal interviews to police because they were "insulted" that they could be considered potential suspects and had decided that an interrogation would be "a waste of our time and the police's time." A police request for a fifth handwriting sample from Mrs. Ramsey, so that they can check it against the ransom note found in the home, has not been fulfilled.