Bowe Out of the Ring

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NEW YORK CITY: Retiring: Riddick Bowe, two-time world heavyweight champion and wannabe Marine, after eight seasons as a professional. The 29-year old Bowe won four straight New York State Golden Glove titles before earning a silver medal at the Seoul Olympics in 1988. Managed by the pugnacious Rock Newman, Bowe quickly tore through the pro ranks. In November 1992, he won the undisputed heavyweight championship, uniting the championships of boxing's alphabet governing bodies, the WBC, WBA and IBF, with a win over Evander Holyfield. But things quickly soured after that. In a dubious career move, he rejected the WBC title by throwing the belt in a trash can. After he dropped a rematch to Holyfield in November of 1993 (his only loss as a pro), Bowe never again got a shot at the heavyweight title.