Missing Pilot Found?

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EAGLE, Colorado: The Air Force has located fragmented remains of a human body that may be Air Force Captain Craig Button near the site where the pilot's A-10 Thunderbolt crashed in the Rockies. The remains will undergo DNA testing for official identification, which is expected to take at least 48 hours. Despite the discovery, Major General Nels Running told reporters, "I don't think we'll ever know the answer to why this happened." Button unexpectedly broke formation while flying a routine training mission with two other planes April 2. The mystery has drawn wild theories about Button's physical and mental status at the time. Some have said he was suicidal. Other theories backed by the Air Force include the possibility that the plane or its pilot may have been disabled in some way, by a bird hitting the cockpit canopy, for instance, or by a malfunction in the oxygen supply, which might have caused Button to fade in and out of consciousness. Investigators found Button's life support equipment in a gorge on Gold Dust Peak, but they have yet to recover the 500-pound bombs the plane was carrying.