Feds get Zapruder Film

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: A government board has handed ownership of the famous Zapruder film showing the Kennedy assassination over to the federal government. Still to be determined is how much money the government must pay the Zapruder family for the 26-second clip that is so badly deteriorated that it can no longer be shown in a projector. While the government hopes the Zapruder heirs will simply donate the original film, a family lawyer said they would instead accept "very, very, very substantially less" than the film's estimated value. The family, which holds the copyright, has made an estimated $1 million from selling reproduction rights to the film. Conspiracy buff's take notice: officials says they may eventually be able to extract information that could yield new clues about the assassination from images between the sprocket holes on the film, an area that equals 20 percent of the exposed surface of the film's 486 frames.