Tipping the Scales?

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: Democrats were crying foul after House Government Reform and Oversight Committee Chair Dan Burton said that his panel's probe into campaign finance irregularities would focus on "well-publicized allegations" of "attempts to corrupt the American political process or compromise national security." Translation: the Democratic National Committee, hounded by reports of influence-peddling and China-supplied campaign donations, could find itself alone in the hot seat. Overriding fierce Democratic opposition, the committee also agreed to prolong Burton's power to issue subpoenas without a committee vote. While Burton maintains that Republicans are not necessarily immune from the House's probe, many Democrats have doubts. GOP interest in focusing the spotlight on their own campaign practices has so far been limited to Wednesday's decision by the Senate campaign finance panel to subpoena records from Bob Dole's Presidential campaign and documents detailing the Republican National Committee's relationship with 11 non-profit aid recipients.