Clinton: Donít Keep Me In The Dark

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: President Clinton made a gesture to calm the public spat between the FBI and the White House, saying the FBI was right to limit dissemination of a warning last year that China might try to funnel money into the U.S. election campaign. Then he took a swipe at FBI Director Louis Freeh, noting that heís troubled by the notion that the Justice Department decides what the President needs to know, since he therefore has no idea what he has not been told. "They have a dual obligation to share with the White House and with the State Department . . . information we need to protect and advance national security and to preserve the integrity of criminal investigations," Clinton said. "Ultimately, those things almost have to be solved on a case-by-case basis (and) where there's doubt, by the attorney general." Freeh, whose relations with Clinton have become increasingly strained, has come under fire from the GOP for his handling of Travelgate and Filegate. While excessive caution may have led the FBI to avoid tipping off the President about an inquiry that could end up involving allegations against Administration officials, the result has severely strained trust between the agency and the White House.