It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's .... President Bush

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YUMA, Arizona: When George Bush bailed out of a torpedo bomber under heavy Japanese fire in 1944, he promised himself that someday he would like to jump again for fun someday. Tuesday, the 72-year-old former President did just that, taking the plunge from 12,500 feet above the Army Yuma Proving ground. Two watchful jump masters kept the President secured to a harness until he deployed his orange, yellow and blue parachute at 4,500 feet. While eight other parachutists also made the jump, Bush was the undisputed star of the show. Flashing a thumbs-up at reporters, Bush, the only U.S. President to parachute out of an airplane, earned high marks from his White House successor. Asked how he viewed the feat, a chuckling President Clinton responded, "I am mightily impressed . . . I can't wait to see him get down and give us the story."