Clinton Asks Broadcasters For Free TV Time

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That the arrest of a suspect in the roadside slaying of Bill Cosby’s son Ennis came as a surprise to nearly everyone shows that Los Angeles police have finally got their act together, reports TIME’s Sylvester Monroe. “Because the LAPD has been burned so badly recently, especially on the O.J. Simpson case, they really clamped down on this investigation. Virtually no infor mation leaked from the day the shooting occurred. They followed old-fashioned police techniques, quietly went about their business and it paid off. It looks as if they have cracked this case.” The suspect, whom the Los Angeles TImes reported to be t ied to a Russian car theft ring, was tracked down after an informant attempted to collect the $100,000 reward offered by The National Enquirer. Police, who are also questioning two other men in the murder, reportedly located the gun used in the January slaying after the informant identified the area where it had been dumped.