Taiwanese Plane Hijacked To China

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TAIPEI, Taiwan: Threatening to set himself on fire with gasoline, a Taiwanese journalist hijacked a domestic Far East Transport plane to C hina Monday. Liu Shan-chung, a reporter from the eastern city of Hualien, who recently lost his job after smashing his computer terminal to bits. Upon arrival in the Chinese coastal city of Xiamen, Liu was taken into custody by Chinese police. Liu d emanded that the pilot on the Taipei-bound flight take him anywhere in China so that he could request political asylum, said Far East Transport general manager Lee Yun-lin. No injuries were reported on the flight, which was tailed, but never interce pted, by four Taiwanese air force F-5Es. While hijackings from China to Taiwan by Chinese in search of better jobs became almost commonplace a few years ago, hijackings in the opposite direction have been limited to a handful of incidents. %0 A