The Wedding Summit

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DENVER: Sometimes true love is the first casualty of international diplomacy. Such is the case in Denver, where the June 21 wedding recept ion of Brad Irwin and Suzanne Terry has been suddenly bumped by Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin. For months, Irwin and Terry had reserved the Denver Museum of Natural History for their reception, only to be booted out after it was announced that the G- 7 Economic Summit would be held there that day, putting the entire museum off-limits to the public. The couple say they are now effectively out on the street--there's no other place in Denver that isn't already booked for that weekend. Irwin said he may seek a restraining order in Denver District Court against the summit unless a compromise is reached. Or, he offered other solution: "Maybe President Clinton can trade us. We can have the White House this weekend and he can have the museum." % 0D