Peyton, Placed

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KNOXVILLE, Tennessee: Proving once again that if it wasn't for bad luck New York Jets fans would have no luck at all, the top quarterback in college football announced he would stay in school rather than play in the Meadowlands. Peyton Manning has decided to play his senior season at Tennessee, breaking the hearts of general managers throughout the NFL where he was the sure first pick in the upcoming draft. In a league where teams for the most part rise and fall on the success of their quarterback, Manning is a rare find--a tall, strong, smart player who holds just about ever Tennessee passing record there is. He also has genetics on his side -- he's the son of former pro star Archie Manning. Peyton said he had planned to stay in school until Bill Parcels came on as coach of the Jets, a move that promised to lift the sagging fortunes of the team. By staying, Manning runs the risk of suffering the same fate as his father, playing on a series of bad teams in New Orleans, a club that's likely to have the league's worst record -- and the first pick in the draft -- next year.