Ole!-- No Way

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CASTELLON DE LA PLANA, Spain: Basta, already. Matadors are threatening to shed their traje de luces, turn in their capes and leave the bulls alone if the Spanish government doesn't lighten regulations in the ring. The bullfighters are threatening a walkout over current regulations that say a breeder faces fines of up to $65,000 if examinations after the fight show that they have shaved their bull's horns. Shaved horns skew a bull's ability to estimate distances and makes them more vulnerable to the sword. But union leaders say such scrutiny is unwarranted and are urging that the Interior Ministry revert to its old practice of examining a bull only if a veterinarian suspects wrongdoing. They're also demanding the right to shave if a bull's horns are (oops!) accidentally splintered. A strike would deprive fans of watching the graceful, gory fights at such festivals as the 12-day Fallas in Valencia in March, the San Isidro bullfights this May in Madrid and a festival this Sunday in Castellon. Positive reports from Friday's talks between union leaders and the government left hope that the bloodletting will go on.