A Bloody Day in Belgrade

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BELGRADE, Yugoslavia: As Belgrade police continued their violent crackdown on demonstrators Monday, opposition leader Vuk Draskovic declared an end to "Gandhi-style resistance," telling reporters that “complete civil disobedience is the only way.” The most violent confrontation with police to date started on Sunday, when a standoff with riot police on a bridge degenerated into a widespread beating of protesters that continued through the night. Police chased students through the streets, into stores and university buildings, beating them and dragging some of them away for arrest. At least 80 were reported injured. Casualties ranged from pro-democratic leader Vesna Pesic to cameramen from APTV, Reuters Television and CNN. Draskovic said he was chased by police and shots were fired at his car as he fled. "Tonight, a crime was committed against the people of Belgrade," said Draskovic. “Actions like these cannot stop the demonstrations, and can only raise the restlessness and anger of the people. The people will come out today, tomorrow and in the future.”