The Tug for the Tuna

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FOXBORO, Mass.: Bill Parcells is now officially the former head coach of the New England Patriots, setting up a showdown between his former team and the New York Jets. At issue: how much the Jets are willing to give the Patriots to secure Parcells' services for next year. Number one draft picks and millions of dollars have been thrown around in the press over the past few days, playing with the emotions of Jets' fans, whose hopes are built up every off season and dashed once play begins. In announcing that his tenure as Patriots coach is over, Parcells said "I do not desire to continue as an NFL coach," couching his statement in the contractual terms that prevent him from coaching any team except the Patriots if he works this year. Representatives from both teams met to discuss the situation Thursday, with the Patriots demanding the Jets' first round draft pick and the Jets offering two second round picks and $1 million instead. While the Jets are not expected to part with the number one choice in the draft, Patriots owner Robert Kraft said he will let go of Parcells, who has coached in three Super Bowls and won two, but only if the compensation is right. "I'm just supposed to hand Bill Parcells to a team in my division? he asked. I don't think so."