Very Happy Meals

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MONROE, Conn: A burger at McDonald's isn't complete without fries and a Coke. And for a few customers at this town's Golden Arches, nothing compliments the trio better than a nice big bag of pot. In a bust sure to wipe the perpetual smile of Ronald McDonald's face, a 19-year-old employee of the burger joint was arrested today for selling marijuana in Happy Meals. Mence Powell, who manned the restaurant's drive-through window, was taken into custody after selling undercover officers a burger, fries, soda and a side of weed on five separate occasions. Police said Powell pulled the scam by arranging deals in advance. After an order was placed, customers would then head to the drive-through window to complete the transaction. "I don't know how he could think that he could do this and continue to get away with it," said Police Captain Daniel Wall.