Police Make Headway In Atlanta Bombing

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ATLANTA: As police and federal investigators combed over the wreckage caused by the detonation of two bombs at an Atlanta-area professional building Thursday, a clearer picture of who may be responsible and what saved the lives of those nearby has begun to emerge. Officials now say they have some leads after hundreds of callers inundated a hotline set up to aid police in their investigation. No specifics were given and investigators continued to stop short of saying the blasts were intended for the Atlanta Northside Family Planning Services clinic which was housed in the building. The 9:30 am blast, which blew out windows and tore down walls but miraculously wounded no one, was followed an hour later by the detonation of a second device which wounded several firefighters, federal officials and journalists on the scene to investigate the initial explosion. That bomb, which was placed in a dumpster in the building's parking lot, did not wound more people because its blast was largely absorbed by two cars parked nearby. Although police have not identified a motive for the attacks, there is strong speculation they were intended for the abortion clinic because the Georgia State Legislature is currently debating a bill to ban later term partial abortions and the 24th anniversary of Roe v. Wade is just a week away.