Bombs Shatter Atlanta Clinic

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ATLANTA: Police believe that a family planning clinic was the target of two explosions that injured about a half-dozen people Thursday morning at an Atlanta-area professional building. The first blast occurred at about 9:30 in Atlanta Northside Family Planning Services on the ground floor of a five-story building. The office offers abortions among its services. Nobody was injured by the first explosion, but several firefighters, federal agents and journalists at the scene were wounded by a second explosion an hour later in a dumpster in the building's parking lot. Six people were taken to hospitals for treatment, but none of the injuries were life-threatening. The first explosion seems to have been the more powerful of the two, shaking the walls of nearby buildings and blowing out most of the windows on one side of the building. Atlanta mayor Bill Campbell dispatched extra police officers to other clinics in the city that offer abortion services; at least one other clinic has received a bomb threat since this morning's blasts. At an afternoon press conference held by the heads of local, state and federal law enforcement departments Kent Alexander, the U.S. Attorney for Northern Georgia, confirmed that the Northside clinic had been hit with a firebomb in 1984, when it was operating at a different location. He said he knew of no warning before today’s explosions. Alexander said officials have re-activated the interagency task force created to protect the 1996 Summer Olympics. The task force includes the county sheriff and police departments, the state police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.