Midnight at Lambeau Field

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GREEN BAY, Wisconsin: The remarkable runs of the NFL's two newest teams came to an end Sunday as hometown crowds in Green Bay and Foxboro, Massachusetts cheered their teams to divisional championships. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers, both second-year expansion teams fell to untimely miscues, but can hold their heads high for defeating all expectations. In Green Bay, where the Packers knocked off Carolina 30-13 after a slow first quarter, the fans are harkening back to the championship days of Vince Lombardi. Some 60,216 Packer-backers turned out despite gametime temperatures of 3 degrees and a wind chill of negative 17. Brett Favre and Reggie White, whose Super Bowl dreams have inspired the Packers since training camp, will lead the attack against the New England Patriots on January 26 in New Orleans. Temperatures in Foxboro were a relatively balmy 15 above, but the weather chilled both offenses. The Jags began shakily, flubbing a punt on their first possession and giving New England the ball just four yards from the end zone. The Patriots scored their first touchdown just two plays later and never trailed. But in spite of the 20-6 final margin, the Patriots did not seal their victory until the last five minutes of play, when they capitalized on three Jacksonville turnovers to put the game out of reach. Now each team has two weeks to find their warm-weather gear and acclimate to Bourbon Street.