Letter Bombs found at the UN

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NEW YORK CITY: Police discovered two letter bombs in the main mail room at the United Nations. No one was hurt as officials evacuated two floors of the building while police detonated the devices in an underground parking garage. At least one letter was addressed to the Arabic daily newspaper Al-Hayat and was found just hours after another bomb exploded in the paper's London bureau, injuring two. The seventh letter bomb in the past two weeks directed at the newspaper brought renewed calls to find out who was responsible. The top name on the suspect list: Omar Abdel-Rahman, the Egyptian Muslim religious leader now serving a life sentence in federal prison for conspiracy to blow up the World Trade Center and other New York city landmarks. Five earlier letter bombs had been postmarked in Egypt, leading investigators to speculate that some of Abdel-Rahman's supporters might be involved. Another possibility is that someone is targeting the Saudi government, since Al-Hayat is owned by members of the Saudi royal family.