Christopher Hems A Bit In NATO Finale

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BRUSSELS, Belgium: In his final speech before the North Atlantic Council, Warren Christopher tried to establish his legacy with a message of assurance to Russia on NATO's imminent expansion. "We are declaring that in today's Europe, NATO has no intention, no plan and no need to station nuclear weapons on the territory of any new members," Christopher said, adding he hoped Russia would accept expansion. Christopher offered the assurances as the 16 NATO foreign ministers set a summit meeting for next summer to expand the alliance as soon as in 1999. Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary are considered locks; Romania and Slovenia could join them. But Christopher was less forceful on the problem of Slobodan Milosevic, whom he criticized cautiously: "We join in condemning the Serbian government's decision to ignore the results of the Nov. 17 elections. The people of Serbia deserve what their neighbors in Central Europe have -- clean elections." In Washington, State Department spokesman Glyn Davies said the United States would continue "turning up the flame" on Milosevic. Milosevic is sure to feel more heat after Dejan Bulatovic, arrested after he held aloft a effigy of the Serb president dressed in jailbird stripes, was beaten and tortured while in prison. The official charge? Traffic violations.