Shark Teaches Clinton Lesson

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SYDNEY, Australia: The "Comeback Kid" of politics took to the links with a golfer notorious for blowing leads when President Clinton got an 18-hole golf lesson from Australian star Greg Norman. Thursday's lesson was a prime example of the perks of the presidency. Before leaving on his four-day trip Down Under, Clinton mused aloud that he would love to play a round of golf with the Shark, who has won 16 career PGA titles. Before he knew it, his wish became a reality. The anticipation seemed to get the best of the President, as his first shot veered off the course. But Norman offered Clinton a mulligan and proceeded to give the President pointers on how to improve at his favorite pastime. Norman has provided lessons for Clinton off the golf course as well. During the presidential campaign, Clinton repeatedly invoked Norman's name as a lesson against over confidence, reminding his staff that the Shark blew a six-stroke final-round lead last April to lose the Masters.