A White House Regular

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: The controversy over foreign donations to the Democratic Party deepened Thursday with the release of Secret Service logs showing that former Democratic fundraiser John Huang had attended 65 White House meetings, some of which lasted for hours. That the records show that Huang visited the White House much more often and for longer periods of time than previously acknowledged by the Clinton Administration only served to further raise questions about possible links between Huang's visits and subsequent donations from Asian sources. News of the visits prompted Republican demands that President Clinton explain just what Huang was doing there. "Has the White House ever been more blatantly used for political fund raising?" asked Republican National Chairman Haley Barbour at a news conference Thursday. The White House response was to assert that it had no indications that anything improper was going on during Huang's visits. Meanwhile, Attorney General Janet Reno announced the Justice Department began reviewing allegations of campaign finance violations. Huang organized a slew of hefty campaign contributions totaling $4 to $5 million, some of which have already turned out to be illegal. In late September, he arranged a $250,000 campaign donation which was subsequently returned, and donations from Indonesian industrialists and prominent Asian-Americans are under scrutiny. -- Terence Nelan