Dole Plays Powell Card, Again

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CINCINNATI: Bob Dole just won't stop talking about Colin Powell. Hoping to invigorate his flagging campaign by association with the one man who still causes the Clinton campaign to worry, the GOP candidate hinted again to reporters that if the Republicans win, Powell would join his Cabinet in a star position. The former chairman of the Joint Chiefs did join Dole at a political rally in Cincinnati Thursday. Although he praised Dole's war experience and foreign policy acumen, Powell would not address rumors that he would accept a post as Secretary of State in a Dole Administration. "Still, it doesn't hurt Dole to be seen with Powell," says TIME's Tamala Edwards. "But it's too late for him to have a real impact on the Dole campaign. For a variety of reasons, people are not turned on by the Dole message. It is a lot easier to excite people who are unhappy, and need an outlet for frustration. When the economy is doing relatively well, it is harder to find a reason to be upset with the administration. People do have problems, but they do not associate them with the government. Finally, Dole himself is not exactly the world's most passionate, clear speaker." With time running short before the election, Dole will take a few days off, both prepare for Wednesday's debate in San Diego and to plot a strategy to get the necessary 270 electoral votes. -->